Executive Onboarding


Corporate Culture Pros has partnered with Leader OnBoarding to provide a unique and special solution: Helping a new leader quickly transition and act with true and relevant knowledge of the business and performance climate that surrounds their team or department.

Why On-Boarding for New Executives?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, leaders are being hired to have a significant impact in complex situations, with immediate results. Yet less than 60% of New Leaders succeed beyond their first 18 months in a new role.

Why do these transition failures occur?
How can the risk be mitigated?
What solutions add the most value?

What we do

The Culture Snapshot is a turn-key solution developed specifically for Leaders moving into new roles. It will:

  • Provide valuable, anonymous information about the New Leader’s operation
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the overall Onboarding Process
  • Help reduce the cost of onboarding New Leaders by supporting:
    • More complete integration
    • Faster speed to performance
    • Increased understanding of employee perspectives
    • Risk management and mitigation
    • Increased Leader retention

Results you can expect

Culture Snapshot provides New Leaders:

  • Updated & strategic information about the performance climate of their operation
  • Understanding of the operation’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Data to start needed conversation with the Hiring Manager and operational team
  • Information to help the New Leaders take the RIGHT action in the RIGHT way, at the RIGHT time
  • Data, insight and tools to get to the root causes of issues & deliver results
  • Key Others’ perspectives about their new operation