CEO/Executive Team Sponsorship

Resistance to change is rooted in organizational culture.CEO

  • Does your CEO or President understand how corporate culture drives strategy and business performance?
  • Does he or she know why forward-driven organizational culture change is a critical part of their agenda for every organization today?
  • Does the Executive Team fully support the CEO’s desire for organizational cultural change?

Why is executive team sponsorship so important?

When organizational culture change management is first getting underway, it is common for executives to have fuzzy or misaligned understanding about why culture is important to a business strategy, change or innovation. Further, executives rarely know what to expect (in the effort and in their role) to properly steward an organizational culture change effort. This lack of clarity exists for two reasons:

  • Leader(s) don’t believe culture is the underlying reason for the high failure rate of change efforts; and/or
  • Leader(s) have not seen and understood how corporate culture can be a measurable, essential, and cruical enabler to their business plans and strategies.

Without buy-in, support, and leadership from an executive sponsor, middle managers find it impossible to succeed in driving organizational change and culture change efforts. A lack of corporate sponsorship will stunt innovation and organizational development.

How can culture change management consulting for executive teams lead to meaningful business performance improvements within your organization?

With today’s increasingly rapid rate of change, fostering corporate cultures that happily embrace change, learning, and mistakes is an essential part of staying ahead of the curve. If the top team does not get on board, however, the organizational culture change process will sputter and die. Strong leadership is the necessary component for progress. Does your organization have what it takes?

By acting as a third-party and an outside expert, a corporate culture change consultant can provide the credibility and knowledge to close this gap quickly and effectively.  From Nike to Prudential Financial, Corporate Culture Pros has developed a special knack for supporting internal HR or OD groups, by becoming strategic mediators to foster executive team buy-in for cultural change.

The story, however, does not end with buy-in from leadership. It’s also imperative in culture change, to develop a proper rhythm for how and when executive sponsorship should occur in the beginning stages. Too much visible sponsorship too early could result in long-lasting and detrimental effects – creating strong opposition towards future efforts at innovative change and business performance improvement.

If we’ve caught your attention, and you’re interested in an outside perspective on the value of corporate leadership in the process of 21st century innovation, check out this Harvard Business Review blog on How to Innovate with an Executive Sponsor.

Can you answer the following questions?

  • What is culture? Why is it so important to the business? How do you measure it?
  • What should (and should not) be a part of an organizational culture change?
  • What are our organization’s cultural strengths and weaknesses, in executing the strategic plans for the business?
  • How can the process of organizational culture change be measurable and scoped so it doesn’t distract people from important priorities?
  • What is the CEO and executive role in organizational culture change management?

Feeling overwhelmed? Let us help.

Progress is not a linear path. When multiple, complex components are at stake it becomes increasingly difficult to develop a strategic plan that leads the organization toward overarching future goals. Because strategy today is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, our culture change consulting prioritizes working with top teams to shape their understanding and plans for enhancing business performance and strategy execution through corporate culture change.


Executive Sponsorship in Creating Organizational Culture

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