Executive Team Alignment

Culture Change Leadership requires Executive Team Alignment

Executive Teams are a unique team. An organization’s performance is 100% based on the team at the top being clear and aligned, as a foundation for the organization to execute effectively and systematically.

Why Executive Team Alignment?

However, the team at the top is also not a true team. Members are wearing hats that seemingly serve competitive agendas for the business. It is essential to balance the dynamics of “the hat I wear for the business” with the “hat I wear for my department or division.”

Culture change or culture alignment must be supported from the very top – if the most senior executive doesn’t buy in it is almost impossible to create true momentum or lasting results.

That being said, most executives fully support culture change when they understand it as “ensuring the organization can execute your strategy and achieve the desired performance results.”

What we do

Connecting culture to enable strategy is our specialty.

We are not strategy experts, but we are very good at helping an Executive Team achieve true alignment on clarity of direction, evaluate how this impacts the organization, how it should be communicated to the organization, and identify the smallest changes necessary to get momentum toward them.

Results you can expect

An Executive Team that is on board and clear about the strategies for organizational success, with clarity about the cultural changes needed.

NOTE: We do not come in with an ax in hand (nor do we play the role of “the ax-wielder,” ever). However, we do coach the senior team, and this process often results in one or more executive team members leaving the organization. Our role is to make any departures a positive and mutual process during major change.